Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our Hotel «Patio» is glad to welcome You! We make all efforts to make Your staying pleasant and comfortable in our hotel. To do this, let us give You a brief information about the hotel and regulations:
The Hotel is intended for temporary residence of the period agreed with the administration of the hotel. After an agreed period the resident must vacate the room by request of the administration. When you want to extend the period of staying, You must inform the administrator of the hotel no later than 2 hours before the check in time — 12 p.m. local time. The extension of staying in the same room is possible only in the absence of a confirmed reservation for the benefit of third parties. Staying at the hotel for one day payment should be made for the actual time of the residence. When prolongation of staying, for the second and the next days, the payment is to be made according to the checkout time in the hotel.
Our hotel has a checkout time.                                                                                                                                         
Check in time is 14:00 p.m. for local time.
Checkout time is 12 hours for local time. Our Hotel works 24 hours.
Accommodation at the hotel is arranged upon presentation of passport, military card or other identification document. If the guest agrees with the applicable rules of our hotel and accommodation design, so the contract is concluded.
The foreign citizens must present the following documents:
  • passport
  • migration card
  •  visa
  • residence permit
Administration of the hotel has the right to conclude the contract for booking a room. Subject to availability, the administration takes bookings from legal and physical persons in writing form. When the guests book the accommodation or have free settlement, they will choose a room category. But the right of a choice of a specific number belongs to this category, remains for the hotel administration. In case of delay is charged for the room rate, but not more than a day. With a delay of more than a day, the reservation is cancelled. The reservation and the room is available from 14:00 hours to 12:00 PM of the next day, i.e. the current hour.
The payment for the booking and accommodation has free prices. The payment for residence is to be made by the day according to the price-list approved by the hotel directorate. You may pay in rubles, in cash, by Bank transfer under contract with the booking or by (credit) cards. Accommodation in the hotel is made only after the guest prepayment for the expected duration of their staying.
The payment for accommodation is levied from 14:00 p.m current days for local time. When you stay less than one day (24 hours) the payment is charged for a full day. When you arrive to check in time the payment will be:
•         more than 6 hours to check in time - hourly payment (150 rubles per hour);
•         from 6 to 12 hours to check in time – the payment for half of days;
•         from 12 to 24 hours to check in time - the payment for full days;
When you arrive to check out time the payment will be:
•         more than 6 hours to checkout time - hourly payment (150 rubles per hour);
•         from 6 to 12 hours to check out time – the payment for half of days;
•         from 12 to 24 hours to check out time - the payment for full days;
According to the rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation (approved by Government decree №490 from 25.04.1997. item 9) our Hotel the hotel has approved the maximum period of staying is 14 calendar days with the prolongation.
All children under 7 years stay free of charge when using existing bedding.
The guest accommodation in the reserved room before the check-in is allowed only upon prior agreement with the service the hotel reservation.
If the guests refuse or reduce their accommodation, the administration has the right to retain the payment of a sum equal to one night stay. This amount is the payment for the reservation number on the name of the guest for the duration of his residence.
At the request of living, with the consent of the administration, You may invite visitors in the room from 08:00 to 23:00; to do this, the visitor must provide the administrator at the reception the identity card and get a guest map.
In the case of a visitor’s delay after 23:00, these persons shall be registered as sharing a room in the guest room. For such sharing is charged according to approved in VOCATIONAL and technical education to the Hotel price list.
Entitled to the hotel accommodation upon availability are: Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, full knights of the order of Glory; prosecutors, employees of bodies of internal Affairs, representatives of judicial the bodies of the tax service, the staff of the Federal organs of government communications and information (in the performance of their duties); disabled persons of group 1 and persons accompanying them (not more than one person); other categories of citizens in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
The participants of the great Patriotic war, invalids of the 2nd and 3rd groups and persons accompanying them settle into the hotel in the first place, with the release of places.
The bed linen, towels and toiletries are made once in three days. At the request of the guest can be made an unscheduled change of the underwear.
The disposable slippers and the toilet accessories are carried every day.
The Hotel offers residents the following free services:
  • breakfast (according to the number of paid days of residence);
  • granting of boiled water;
  • the use of all equipment in the room; 
  • daily cleaning-tidy room;
  • baggage (not more than 12 hours on day of arrival/departure);
  • services of ironing room;
  • awaken in time specified by the Guest;
  • if necessary - the emergency call service;
  •  call a taxi;
  • provision of reference and information services;
  • wireless Internet in the rooms and the cafe
  • correspondence delivery to the room upon its receipt
  • visa support;
  • call an ambulance
The Hotel offers guests additional services for a fee at his request, in accordance with the list and register of prices for additional services.
•          accommodation;
•          baggage (excluding days of arrival/departure);
•          cafe services;
•          rent of extra beds in the room;
•          transfer the guest to the airport;
•          conference hall;
•          Laundry, dry-cleaner's;
•          delivery of pizza, sushi, supermarket food and medicines;
•          sauna with pool;
•          city tours and national Park "Samarskaya Luka";
•          holiday weekend in the country complex "Podvorye" ( national Park "Samarskaya Luka");
•          for foreign visitors weekend excursions around the town and Park "Samarskaya Luka" with English speaking guide prior request;
The Hotel is not responsible for the operation of urban services (emergency shutdown electric and heat energy, water supply).
Resident must:
•          when leaving the room to close the taps, windows;
•          follow the hotel Hotel Patio policies, be clean, quiet, and public order in the room and the hotel;
•          follow the rules of fire safety;
•          pay damages in case of loss or damage of the property of the hotel. Damage   assessment is based on the «price list for damage to hotel property»;
•          bear responsibility for the actions of their guests to their number of visitors;
•          exclude the possibility of infection in the room;
•          timely and fully pay all presented additional hotel services, products thing.
•          strictly prohibited;
•          leave outsiders in the room, and send them a key;
•          keep bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive   substances or mercury;
•          to keep the animals in the room;
•          to smoke in the rooms, as well as in the halls and corridors of the hotel, except in designated areas (cab for Smoking);
•          be in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
•          store weapons, explosives, ammunition;
All of the rooms are declared strictly non-smokers. After smoking in your room, You should pay a fine of 1500 rubles, which will clean the rooms and the air the smell of smoke.
The Administration is not responsible for loss of valuables of the guest staying in the room, in violation of his stay in a hotel. In case of forgotten things, the administration takes measures to return to their owners. If the owner is not found, the administration declares the finding to the police or local authority.
The hotel Administration reserves the right to enter the room without agreement with the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of this order of guest accommodation, public order, the order use of household appliances.
The Hotel has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally or refuse to extend their stay in case of violation of the order of the guest stay, delayed payment of hotel services, causing material damage to the hotel.
The absence of a guest at the place of stay more than a day (or within 6 hours of the onset of his check of the hour), the hotel is entitled to establish a Commission and make an inventory of the room property. Tangible assets in the form of cash, precious metals, valuable documents, the administration takes under its responsibility. Other property is in service.
In case of complaints from consumers administration takes all possible measures for the settlement of the conflict under the law.
In cases not covered by these rules, administration and customer follow the existing legislation of the Russian Federation.
* hotel policies developed on the basis of the RF Law » On protection of consumer rights» and «Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation», approved by RF Government Decree № 490 of April 25, 1997 with changes and amendments from 02.10.1999,, 15.09.2000